Consider The Basement Function Before Doing Basement Renovation

By | December 4, 2022
Basement Renovation

Before making a basement room filled with various size boxes and cobwebs thick, then maybe this is the best time for us to change the zoom of the previously dull, dark, and crowded into a room more interesting, beautiful, and open. For that, we will need to apply a basement renovation. It is a job that will take us on how best to bring functional design in the basement into a variety of functions and purposes.

Many homeowners are trying various things to maximize the basement display from turning it into a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen addition, private gym, entertainment room, bar, laundry room, and others. Whatever the function that we will apply to the basement, one thing we must have before the renovation project is a plan that is steady and mature.

The first thing we need to consider before applying basement renovation is to determine the function of the basement. It is very important that we do in order to facilitate us to present the appearance of the room according to function.

If we plan to convert the basement into an office for our works then we are going to apply planning would be very different if we plan to transform the basement into an entertainment room for the family.

By converting the basement into office, then we will need a line of office supplies that can support our needs ranging from bookcases, tables, chairs, printers, scanners, fax, cabinet, and others.

When we are planning to turn it into an entertainment room, then we will need a few items from the storage shelves, large-sized LCD, sound system, DVD, sofa soft, comfortable cushions, and others.

When we are planning to turn it into a playroom for children, then we will need a few items that are definitely different with the items that we apply to other functions ranging from choosing the type of flooring that is durable, choose window treatments that are easily removable and washable at any time, storage space a wide range of toys, and so on.

The second thing we need to consider in the basement renovation is to choose to apply decorations on the ceiling according to the tastes and needs into account.

The third thing we need to consider the renovation of the basement is the lighting. There are many choices of lighting features that we can apply in the basement by considering the tastes and needs. Note also the function of the room so that we can choose various types of proper lighting.

The fourth thing we need to consider is the selection of flooring. The floor that we choose must be adjusted with the function and appearance of the room. If we want to make the basement as a home gym, then we will need a floor that is durable and easy to clean. Anyway, because the basement renovation is very susceptible to moisture, then choose a waterproof floor.

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