Black And White Interior Design: Bring the Look Like You Want

By | September 25, 2022

Applying black and white interior design is one way for us as homeowners to bring a classic interior look and fun to be enjoyed. As we know, black and white are two neutral colors that are often combined in order to produce a specific look according to the tastes and desire of us.

There are various combinations and ideas for home interior design that we can get by using a combination of the two colors are legendary. We can show a retro look to the minimalist look by using two colors at our house. The limit is the sky where we can freely determine the design we want.

Here are some things we need to pay attention to bring black and white interior design into a perfect look.

  • The walls and windows – to make a room looks more charming interior with black and white then for the wall we can choose to apply the color white and add a little accent soft gray, beige, white or beige shades of almonds as an accent color. We can also choose to apply wallpaper to a single wall with a pattern of black and white stripes. After that, we can hang black curtains to give the impression of bold and contemporary. If we want to show more comfortable and romantic atmosphere at the house, then we can choose to use a thin curtain silky white color in the window.
  • Furniture – to produce an interesting contrast to the white walls of the room color, then we can choose to apply the black furniture. Black wood pieces will make the room seem more slender, minimalist, and simple. Conversely, we can also show white furniture in the room with black walls. Make sure the size of the room is large enough when we apply a dark color so as not to give the impression of a smaller and narrower.

The other thing that we must pay attention to if we want to successfully presenting black and white interior design is to apply the perfect accessories. There are many accessories that we can choose to accompany the look of the interior with a predominance of black and white. One way is to incorporate a number of potted green plants that will soften the atmosphere.

We can also choose to get a vase of fresh flowers to make the room more WOW. Add accessories to match the style of decoration that we apply as decorative items silver color with a simple design to strengthen the character of minimalist style.

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